is a graphic studio specializing in mixed media & new media artwork…

Supporting Mental Health Awareness and emotional balance to improve self-esteem & mindfulness, our artwork is derived from the mind and celebrates inner reconciliation.

We believe in purpose, integrity, and social citizenship.

Dec 18, 2018, AtticHead™ published a mock-up for a concept graphic book, Alien Landscapes, issue 1—titled, “Alien Landscapes, exploring the mindscape of creativity influenced by ambiguity and rationale of self,” which is available to view and/or purchase online at—whereas 100% of book proceeds are contributed back into the community.

Our vision is to create a book series that follows the main character, AtticHead™ Alien through many different neighbourhoods on earth in a visual landscape of the mind. One cosmic night AtticHead™ Alien meets Mitchell Good, a young teen diagnosed with a Mental Health disorder. Together, the two outcasts befriend one another as they embark on a journey of coming of age in a world of skepticism, ridicule, and eventual acceptance of self.

We envision this project as a way to present knowledgeable information about Mental Health within a story that celebrates individualism & citizenship in a social climate of disorder and ultimate peace of mind.